Eternal Flame

by Walter   Dec 26, 2020

This is a love story about a crystal and a quartz
He was very fond of her and decided they should court
Though he was quite shy with his feelings to unveil
He thought instead he'd write a letter and send it in the mail

The crystal was delighted when she got his note
And couldn't help but blush after reading what he wrote
She ran off to her mother in an excited state
To announce that the quartz had asked her on a date

The mother told her NO! when she became aware
"A crystal and a quartz are two that should never pair"
She told her to stay away and pretend this never came
And warned her if they got together, it will end in flames

The crystal ran upstairs and began crying in her room
But she was still so determined that their love should bloom
Then she heard a whistle from her window down below
And who else was waiting there but her Romeo

He signalled to the crystal to come down and run away
She was so taken aback her heart began to sway
And climbed down from her window to run off into the night
Then only stopping when each knew they were out of sight

The crystal told the quartz what her mother warned
"If we ever got together, our hearts would both be scorned"
The quartz whispered to her "That is just a fable...
Now please join me for our dinner as I've booked a table"

She was on cloud nine where her heart began to float
And started to fall in love with everything he'd quote
Soon they were sharing dinner, and their whole night was just bliss
That they could not stop themselves leaning for a kiss

But just as her mother warned for their love to not embark
Because when crystal and quartz connected, they'll produce a spark
So often the result will always be quite dire
And neither of them knew that this would start a fire

Everyone panicking as smoke alarms started to sound
Running out to safety as they watched the place burn down
The crystal crying to the quartz "Maybe my mother's right!
That we don't belong together and should keep out of sight"

Sadly they would leave and each walk their own way
And not until in darkness both saw what would display
A flame which softly glowed within their hearts was lit
And surely this was a message for their love to never quit

They both ran back realizing what this would mean
That no more are they in danger because their hearts were keen
Now they can hug and kiss while no longer feeling shame
Because a spark's no longer needed with loves eternal flame


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Latest Comments

  • 3 weeks ago

    by Baby Rainbow

    Congrats on the win, I can see why this grabbed the attention. I think you have created the 2021 fairytale story here, can totally picture this being a Disney hit !

    I think it took the reader a great journey and had lots of parts where I wasn’t sure which direction you would take it, but I was left relieved when the ending brought them together .

    It is sad as it made me think back to the old days where races really were not allowed to meet at all, I know personally in my family, it was my great great grandparents who had to run away to be together and leave their families and countries, but I forget if this was race, or religion that forced them to do this. It’s hard to think so much of the world still works this way, but also great to know that so many are now proud to stand up and fight for love .... like you say in your ending eternal flames will be what they are meant to be!!

    Great piece

    • 2 weeks ago

      by Walter

      Thank you Baby Rainbow for reading and leaving such an amazing comment! And that's what I love about poetry, is that it can take you places left up to the imagination of the reader. I'm so sorry it made you remember sad times of long ago, especially when so close to heart. Yes and it's terrible to think that it was once that way and like you say, still is in some parts of the world. But we can never give up in believing in fairytales, can we!!

  • 3 weeks ago

    by Mr. Darcy

    Walter, you've penned a true love story. The drama of love and it's turbulent journey, ultimately, of course, leading to a happy ever after. Lovely work and congratulations on your win. Bravo!

    • 3 weeks ago

      by Walter

      Thanks Mr. Darcy! It was a lot of fun writing this one and an unexpected win!!

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