Resolution in Bed

by Everlasting   Dec 28, 2020

It’s December. The weather is cold.
Sometimes is hot. We live in Texas.
Texas is bipolar in that sense
so we have to get use to to expect the unexpected
when it comes to weather.
Anyways, yesterday just like the day before yesterday,
I took the decision to wake up at 6 am everyday.
Let me tell you, it’s 7:52 am and my bed sheets
won’t stop hugging me. I love their warm embrace.
This sensation reminds me of why I have never been good with resolutions. It’s like I expect to fulfill them but unexpectedly I don’t. I came to realized that I am like the weather in that sense. And just like the weather,
today I am cold to my resolution. But I hope that as the day progresses I will eventually warm up to it.

Prompt: Resolution from another site.


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