by Allan Marisamhuka jr   Jan 7, 2021

Man captures more of the unpredictable mission
Vision convicted up midst in plightful souls
Call's attempt had been brought down for your repent
Cast out the odd and old, ring in the new
Few had got the work that's been left for us

Refuse in your days of age to become bad memory
Carry on still with the life as that of a Shepherd
Shedd; it was on many occasions we were with him
Shame, leaving out the poor wife, and a little boy an orphan
Brighton kicked the bucket on nineteen, his family was strained
Dead with perceptional talents, Perfect was so perfect

Mate the same happened to you, dying so young
Among us, who's to pass on next, we'll never know it
Late it may come; everyone shall pass the sorrowful sow
All we only have is the life based on sentimental
Judgmental will reveal at last, prevailing the lust
Fast moving is the time that we have, just imagine this

This is the preparational period for the lasting ever
Favor it is, and blissful it is to put much hope in death
Faith without pure actions is wasted effort
Content is there, show mighty in lightful practices
Tears eventually tickle down with folded grief to seize pain

Plain truth; we cry for meeting you up, not that you're gone,
Wrong impressions lifted up by bad decisions
Days were thrown, and all i could, i wrote
Fought vigorously in harshness, life's phases
Pass it on, Peter reach petter, and failed to make it with you

Blue skies were my clues to find hue
Glue it onto your mind, not to err
Everson was ever the son of the Legendary Ronald
Lloyd was with eager to see Arnold succeed
Indeed Sophia the old lady was so sophisticated
Educated were all the people who passed through school and church

Teach about the collection books' looks
Crookes were from my time an usual fate
What later happened to Marvin the bride's groom
From their boom, had they found genius in expectancy
Existence was it ever with the presidents and prophets

Folks in foreign lands, did they ever came back home
Game of making it is it still with my fellow Owen
Men across the river are they making any progress
Seriously bad, the last time I checked Romario was a chain smoker
Tracker on the invisible prints that’s were reality resides
Ravis; did he made it out with all the hope
Pope Francis after Benedict had he managed to change the world

Mildly I’ve hope that you buried me swiftly in the sand


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Latest Comments

  • 10 months ago

    by Mr. Darcy

    Hello Allan,

    nice to grace a moment or two with your words here. The title, although distractingly in capitals, has nice alliteration. A last letter sounds like parting words from someone soon to part this world, or someone who realises that their time is short, too short perhaps?

    If our time is short it is important that we make the most of it, having a mission that one can believe in is admirable and, dare I say, inspiring. I like how you incorporate rhyme into your verses - this certainly helps each one read better. I personally like more compact verses. I know this means finding ways to communicate concisely, but like anything, when it is concentrated, it becomes more potent.

    We are living in a world that is changing at speed, if we stand still we will become overwhelmed with progress. If I am reading correctly, we need to open our minds and follow our role models. We can achieve if we believe, if not, we may as well be buried in the sand.

    Nice work, Allan.