Realistic Authorities

by Allan Marisamhuka jr   Nov 4, 2018

Before you hit the mice,roll the dice
Flip the coin,before paying the prize
Bestow and settle down ,billow flames
Steal the tone once you get on a topple
In depth pond of the sea,
Papers flying,money floating,
Scammers smashing,bloody feathers
easing conspiracies
Factually,actually rhythm melodies my other sense
Sediments ordinal ,incredible resembles the partible
Biblical parables they ain't invisible
From the temples whose ignorance is their mentor
This mind is an instrumental,
Typical,you ain't safe with the smart eye phones
Ask James Comey 'Jimmy' who runs the world
National insecurity be the agents of the hackers
Now,findings and your government funding the scammish
In the dark night ,UFOs tramble
When the authorities temple ,
Soon they'll be gone in a wide tide
Down the blazing lake with the beast.
When the saints say Amen!


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