by Allan Marisamhuka jr   Jan 7, 2021

What in the world would you settle yourself down and start imagining about?
Whatever that is, or would be;
you only come down to common ground with the mother nature.
Imagination is no dreaming. And never sleep walking.
To see visible movements in life;
talk the talk and walk the talk.
Natural symbols are no evil.
Only when we push to it, to making them gods, that becomes a doom in a way.
Well, miraculously we all have symbols and we just don’t dare to go beyond our bonds and see what really lies within us and that we represent within us.
Animal symbolism is a powerful aspect of connecting with nature.
A quite number of people may say for them it’s a lion they connect with,
because of their ruleless, overrule and anger perhaps, or anything they relate to.
We realize a lot in common with us to the nature,
the moment we seek symbolism in nature.
Vulnerably, butterflies have a powerful transition,
which I see a connection with transparency to every thought I mold and inevitable fates.
It may be a tiny creature;
when we undergo a phase to see how much energy butterflies expends,
we’d really get a vivid light and lean on how nature operates and clearly understand why it never goes wrong.
in so many cultures,
the butterfly is associated with the soul.
And it also symbolizes time and growth that links animal symbolism to faith with the butterfly.
Despite the short life of the butterfly
it continually reminds us of an endless passionate bond together with the other.
Even hopelessly in love we find expression and seek trust to have growth.
Throughout the life stage,
in my opinion,
I think there’s a lot I can relate to and you may also find similar existing ideals that lie in the elegance.
That lies in imagination,
that lies in us and the connection we have with nature.


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  • 11 months ago

    by Mr. Darcy

    Animal symbolism, like a butterfly. You are right they live such short lives and yet deliver beauty to a world, pollinate and procreate, all in a few days. Humans think they have more time that they actually have. We squander time, leaving what needs to be done to others. If we all did that we would die. Through our imaginations we can create a sustainable world, but as you say, there comes a time where the talk has to be walked. If this world is to survive we need to work with nature, trust that she has the answers if only we listen and act. It is not hopeless, if we trust and realise that we are not so different to that butterfly. We can harness what's important by learning from nature - now that's worth sharing.

    Another thought provoking piece, Allan. Nice work, thanks fro sharing.