My Choice Is My Rock

by Everlasting   Jan 7, 2021

standing near a precipice
too wide, too deep
near a void with darkness unseen
i grab a rock
i walk. i hear a crack
i talk
i stare down below

not long ago, i climbed my way up
with bloody hands, with injured knees
i made my way
to where blue skies and green trees
are seen

now, standing near this precipice
staring down below
i hear the darkness calling my soul
i feel my skin rejecting the sun
the greens does not appeal to me anymore
colors are dull
i want to let go
i want to experience a free fall
i want to embrace the darkness
in a way, i never have before

So while standing near this precipice
while staring down below
i hear a crack. i hear a clock
tick tock. i walk. i talk
I toss the rock


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