What's On The Inside That Counts

by Walter   Jan 13, 2021

Two eggs met and liked what they saw
One hard boiled and the other one raw
They stopped to talk along the track
And ever since, neither one's looked back

The raw egg liked the way he moved
He could spin and she approved
The way he rolled so effortlessly
While she only wobbled and moved slowly

"Please tell me how you do those tricks
Or I'm bound to become a cake mix
Because I could never run away
Just to move a little would take all day"

The hard-boiled egg felt pretty cool
That he knew how to break the rules
And because she was so impressed
He shared the secret he possessed

"If you want to be like me
It will take a bit of agony
In boiling water, but you won't scar
Just pretend you're having a really hot spa"

She just looked at him and cringed
Then could only start to whinge
"Are you crazy, that I'll never do!
There must be other ways to be like you"

He started to think and then realized
That she could roll if they compromise
All they'll need is a steep hill
Then she'll be able to experience the thrill

She wasn't sure and had her doubts
But he reassured her to just chill out
"It will just be like having a stroll
Except it's faster and you roll"

Before she could say anything again
He just pushed to begin
And she let out such a big squeal
Realising rolling has such appeal

He rolled with her until they stopped
She was so shaken that she flopped
Quickly noticing as she rambled
Her insides had become all scrambled

"That was such an amazing trick
But my insides now, they're all mixed
I'm not that fast, but I can get around
I think we both should leave this town!"

The moral of this story, loves not a game
And unlike us, eggs look the same
But for them love plays a perfect host
Because what's on the inside matters most


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