The One

by Maple Tree   Feb 12, 2021

A woman's heart holds a deep ocean
filled with whisper tears from yesterday,
shadow dancers of endless sorrow;


When she kisses the forehead of the one-
the one who came to her when she wasn't looking,
a grin making her smile quiver with excitement
and a feeling she never new existed.

A man who held her with truth, making her see
that with a little help, she can be her true self-
his determination and belief in her became a force
that moved a mountain which blocked her path for years.

How does a woman express to her man
that he allowed her to live again, as she breathes
fresh air upon a hillside; hand in hand with him.

The words she writes cant touch the amount of beauty
that rests within his soul, she can only say thank you
for loving her like he does, and its a beautiful feeling
knowing the true meaning of love.


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  • 22 hours ago

    by Maud

    This is beautiful.

  • 3 weeks ago

    by Dark Lord