See you next time

by Shah   Feb 13, 2021

As my days in this place are over
I pack my stuff and get ready to go

Couple of months passed like weeks
So short when I look to the past time

Sad to say but I haven't been of any use
Sadness took me over and I wept tears

Am sorry if my sad face was not shining
Although you all tried to make me feel better

Pain in my heart was what knocked me out
Invisible to the eyes yet so harmful and cruel

My excuse if I did not fulfill your expectations
Hell was unleashed and heaven taken away

Every night I used to cry and grief my loss
I couldn't share my story neither what I felt

Felt so vunerable and hurt deep inside
Unable to find a solution or run away

Months have passed and I still feel the same
If it was to go away it already should have gone

This stain on my heart I will have to live with
The cracks in my soul I need to befriend now

This room, this prayer mat where I used to pray
Where I spent night crying and praying for her

My cries still echoes in this place like a whisper
Sounds of pain and grief reflect from the walls

I will take my pain and broken heart and go
Back to the place I used to call my home

Lonely and alone I will be like I was here
Have to get used to, life has changed so

No friend no other can heal and make me happy
Since she moved on I have lost the passion to live

I really need to go and start this long journey
If life doesn't end I will see you next time


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