My son

by Shah   Feb 22, 2021

Don't worry as we are with you
We have covered your back too

Hardship is needed in order to
Reform as you already know

The need of being hurt in love
Is a must and a gift from above

This is the science of the human soul
Ancient and not taught in any school

We won't let you down, just have trust
You've been beaten to get rid of the dust

Hanging you upside down was needed
All these trials must now be completed

The shell of a nut must be broken first
To reach the fruit and quench your thirst

Cry if you feel to do so and don't hesitate
Tears do wash the heart and open the gate

Tears are a proof of a soft and loving heart
You'll be reborn and ready for a new start

God is with you and has heard all your cries
When you used to call him facing the skies

As he says: I am with those whose hearts are torn
As they are left behind and live lonely and forlorn

He doesn't leave behind anyone who calls him
Heals the broken hearts and fills them with vim

My son your cries have shaken our hearts
We witnessed your soul breaking in parts

Years ago we told you to be brave like a lion
Be tough and steady like a wrought iron

Iron needs to be melted to make it flow
A soul needs to burn in love to make it glow

All your hardships and sufferings will end
Sorrows will be washed away with a scend

Close your eyes and rise with your soul
Drop worldly burdens and reach you goal

Burn the candle of love for the one who is love
Love him and he'll bestow blessings from above

Let the fire burn and stay longing for him
He'll give you a cup of love, filled to the brim

Drink this wine of love and get drunk forever
Stay drunk and intoxicated, no need to be clever

Rumi was drunk whose name is well known
Intoxicated in God's love he was given the crown

My son we will never leave you behind here
And the hereafter, you'll find us even there

Stay aware that you weren't alone and never are
We are in a different dimension but not too far


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