What to say now

by Shah   Feb 22, 2021

Speechless as I feel these days
Tears join your thoughts always

Life was before what it never will be
Heart is locked and I have lost the key

Months have passed and many will pass
Longing to see you, but you are not here alas

Closed your door for me and cut me out
My world went dark in a total blackout

Nevermind the silly poems I write
Nowadays my mind isn't that bright

Lack of strength and a lack of sleep
Missing you cuts my heart so deep

As I kill my time writing some poems
Again out of nothing some pain looms

Baby I wished never to live without you
But now have to take this all although

Could give my life for you that's how I feel
In my eyes dying for love is not a bad deal

But what to say now as you are gone away
Left me behind crying around my birthday

What to say now as I have nothing to say
I wish I could have dropped dead that day

What to say now when my cries do not matter
Emotions and feelings at once did shatter

What to say now as words are not enough
Explaining emotions on paper is quite tough


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