Thorns and roses

by Shah   Feb 25, 2021

Whenever I try to explain my pain
Words and phrases I do not find
Vocabularies fall short to explain

How bad it feels I cannot describe
The more I try the more I get lost
Inking emotions is that difficult

How scattered my soul is nowadays
Like all my energies are dispersed
And even my aura is so disrupted

As if my soul would be a silky cloth
Struck in a bush full of sharp thorns
Thorns grown through the silk by time

All of a sudden without any warning
Someone I love much and trust blindly
Pulls it with such a force and strength

Tearing the silky cloth apart into pieces
Some threads of it still stuck to the thorns
Leaving traces it was ever in that place

Useless for any use it is now forever
Priceless now and has lost it's shine
Pieces of it will never be joined again

Long live the thorns which held it so tight
Interlocked so strong it would not escape
Let it slit into pieces but did not let it go

The pain of getting torn is not the issue
What I will miss is the smell of the roses
I covered the thorns, another took the roses


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