An Imperishable Fondness

by Sherry Caayupan   Mar 3, 2021

A bashaw speaks of my broken heart
He bawls my easing mind with his auspicious tricks
I stood barefaced of this love's hackneyed part
A role already musty of time's pricks

An innocent bantling resembles this guileless soul
The basking perplexed her sleep
Bawdy of the butterfly kisses that clamored
Love has become abhorrent in the night when she weeps

An endless prate runs in her veins
She beaconed his eyes with her beatifying lips
A light glaring that makes no bane
Love will endure love-lorn hanging on a cliff

An abetted lover turns the page
Her means not abject to a threadbare life
Love's banderole sways in the air
A love loving and never trite.


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