Day 15

by Everlasting   Apr 16, 2021

At a village,
An old man said to a young girl:
“at dusk, when an old owl hoots
the moon hides behind a cloud
So quickly, my child,
venture into the heart of the forest
and bring us back an old owl”

The girl ran.

Meanwhile, at the village,
everyone busied patching windows
and safeguarding doors
with locks and wood and nails
hammering down.


The old man spoke.

Everyone in the village gathered around.

The old man said,
“Everyone. The Full moon is near.
The sky is cloudless. Clear.
But do not fear. She is near.
She will bring back what we need.”

Days passed by. The full moon
almost swung by but the girl showed up
with an old owl who crazily hoot and crazily hoot
in the afternoon, at dusk, at dawn
at every hour

so no werewolves ever showed up

Until the old owl hoot for the last time.

Day 15: at dusk, the owl hoots and the moon hides behind a cloud


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