The Infinite Speed of Sound

by East Poetry   May 3, 2021

FACT - As it stands (look around)....It is impossible in every way shape and form for there to be nothing as the solution for this cosmic existence.

There was never nothing, and there never will be nothing!

Therefore it could be logically posited that there has always been infinite everything! And by definition, if infinite everything...


And God evoked sound when he spoke (As the bible states)…And God said...let there be light
is this parabolic?

Question for google
How fast is the speed of sound, in a vacuum.

Googles Answer
Zero meters per second
The speed of sound in a vacuum is zero meters per second, as there are no particles present in the vacuum. Sound waves travel in a medium when there are particles for the propagation of these sound waves. Since the vacuum is an empty space, there is no propagation of sound waves.

Hmmm… while that is interesting, it did not answer my question. It’s not the sound’s fault there’s no medium there to detect it. And even if, to the vacuum, theres nothing there to detect, that doesn't change the fact that the sound came forth. So what is sound! At its most fundamental level? Its the cause of our spaceless, timeless, and immaterial will. FACT - It's either nothing, or its more transcendent than what a vacuum can detect. Either way, it's the will of cause. Some may call this the Soul.

So sound… In this particle free essence of a vacuum, Just is… And theoretically could be proposed to fill said vacuum at infinite speed. After all there’s nothing to impede the pace at which it was put forth. And if it was willed to be spoken into an single fundamental infinity. its will through its entirety instantaneously.

I would propose... that Sound is a transcendent particle or force... in some sense, the God particle perhaps! or its the existence of a timeless spaceless immaterial will.

After all when we speak, sound propagates from our intelligence as the beginning form, and then moves through our vocal cords and out into the world, moving the medium of space so that others can hear it. But its origination comes from the thought of our minds.
A God like place, as we are the children of God… His very offspring.

like in genesis 1, In the beginning when God said let there be light. This act put his sound forth. This spaceless, timeless, and immaterial force moved at the speed of “IS” perhaps BEING the first particle of sound...Or at the very least the first essence of force. But if force should be proposed as the existence of something, then it could be argued to be a transcendent particle beyond our comprehension... and thus undetectable to a vacuum.
The second particle... perhaps...would be that of which he chose to create. light, which is what he spoke into being. Or perhaps Sound is light, and they are one in the same? (Read my poem called One in the Same)

While the light He created (Himself in matter, Jesus) moved at the speed of light (the speed he chose) inside of the first particle of sound.

Since Sound... the first particle put within, is a transcendent particle, it IS the infinite first. Created a geometric place for light to reside within.

Is Sound the first particle created by God the fathers spaceless, timeless, and immaterial being??

Food for thought… right?

I would say yes…, And because this particle "IS" (even if potentially it is without form, and takes up no space (i.e. Thought) then its less where it or how fast it is, but a matter of…where it is not. for it is everywhere!

It’s vastness cannot be comprehended. but ...If it is a fundamental particle, more transcendent than light, and beyond our comprehension, and its infinite. Its weight cannot be comprehended. Except as infinite weight, creating infinite Gravity. Which begets an infinite black hole, the one black hole you would "WANT" to fall inside of and toward... in a straight line forever unscathed, unharmed. To fall in a straight line, neither deviating left or right...A perfect infinite circle! or and eternal loop!

… The ultimate playground… EXISTENCE!

The "I AM" of this existence housing eternal intelligence... is God the father.

It is he, who is on stage for this poem: Heavenly Parents

See my poem - Heavenly parents


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  • 2 years ago

    by mistake

    Sorry but you need more research. There are interesting concepts, but they are backed by a vacuum.

    • 2 years ago

      by East Poetry

      Much of philosophy is theory. ideas backed by lack of evidence, or a vacuum as you put it.
      Like does God exist at all. Can't be proven or disproven some would say. I'm glad you found it interesting at least. But on the premise of disagreeing (not that I claim to be right). I Would love have you expand on it. If for interesting conversation at the very least. Thanks for commenting. Seems like years go by before a new comment lands on one of my writs.