Talking To The Night is Like Talking To Goodbye

by Sherry Caayupan   Jun 9, 2021

The day smiles to my window so happily,
As I sip a cup of fresh milk;
The hot beverage spoke so silently,
Never felt it unlike smooth silk;

Like my love who I never truced,
I fought gravity as to fight with him;
Never to fall for him in the first place,
Ever since the start of this flame;

I never felt the fall of snow,
The fireplace kept me warm in every nightfall;
There's a thing he needs to know,
Never to smash our photo frame to the wall;

We fought once or a thousand twice,
He spilled his coffee on the floor;
Spoke badly words or lies,
Slammed when he left the door;

There's one night we had a fight again,
He said he'd leave this time;
But when I cried, he came to me and then,
Closed his doors of anger, took his baggage back before morning arises;

We kissed and made out,
Same old things as usual;
Await for either one of us to speak out,
Then, held my hand to make it casual;

I said,"Passed this morning, I realized.
This love though on the edge of crumbling,
If we exchanged everyday smiles,
Would be a love everlasting."

He kissed me by the cheek and replied,
"I'm sorry for every fault or blunder.
I swear this time our love won't be denied.
Till time will cease and love, then, will promise forever.
Though talking to the night is like talking to goodbye."


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