Dear Lori ( continuation of A Letter to Time )

by Everlasting   Jun 30, 2021

Last year in your seventh anniversary, I wrote you a letter expressing the deepest troubles dwelling in my inner being. It was in relation to time and of why I came to the conclusion that time is life.

It's because the time people give to each person, it's part of their life. So I thought, "Okay, if they are giving part of their life to everyone whom they have crossed paths with - then I guess their life isn't exactly their life, is it?" because their life is the life of everyone who have crossed paths with them, meaning of everyone who have given them their time. So technically, one, as an individual, have no life but the life of everyone else is their life.

I was tormented with that thought, I didn't know how to embrace it. I felt that with my life as it was - dependable upon people and always being an insecure person, had led me to waste the time people have given me, and in turn, I thought that I had no life but that time did and that the life time had... was mine and everyone else's who had crossed paths with me. I thought that I let everyone else down, that I was slowly killing their life.

Literally, my head was pounding with each tick and tock the clock in my room gave. I cried as I wrote you that letter which eventually I removed from your contest and from the site as a whole. It was mess. Words were jumbled like in a scramble game except that I arranged them in a way that they would make sense to those who took their time to understand what I was saying.

So to not make this longer or to not make it overly complicated, I just wanted to say thank you for your contests as well as for the time you give to read each and every poem that you read. I removed that entry from your previous contest because I thought that sharing that letter was a waste of time to you but also to me.

Though thanks to that previous contest, now I think that Time is indeed life, thats why time is precious because time is the life of everyone else in our life. I wish to write you metaphors and vivid imagery which isn't that complicated to do, but most of the times I just write in the spot of the moment. ha! ironic, I don't give much time to my poems.

But Thank you for everything



This was written 7 or 6 years ago?? I can’t remember.


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