Love Blossoms:

by Scott Cole   Jul 5, 2021

Our days are numbered
As our time unwinds,
We have but a season
To bask in the sunshine.

We're all like a flower
Growing abroad,
Molded by Mother nature
Blessed by God.

We're all beautiful Souls
Inside and out,
And we all have a purpose
Regardless of our doubt.

With our roots firmly planted
We all settle down,
And spread our seeds
Across the fertile ground.

As we weather our storms
We learn as we grow,
And before you know it
We reap what we sow.

For if the Heavens allow
Our seedlings will sprout,
Come drizzle or high waters
Or if should be a drought.

Male or female
Let's paint the hillside,
With our fruits of labor
For our fellow mankind.

Though not all us flowers
Are evolved to give birth,
We all are well equipped
To bring love to this Earth.


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