Our Dog Day Of Summer:

by Scott Cole   Jul 12, 2021

Those sunny Heavens did shine down on us
That smultery midday July the fourth,
Though you and I did sparkle much brighter
Than that decorated sky had brought forth.

For that's the day our Independence was lost
And our puppy love started it's run,
So since those invisible stars were allowed to align
We dripped of love beneath that sweating sun.

We were like two dogs panting profusely
And our wagging tails ratified how we did feel,
Two heartbeats synced in the heat of the moment,
Obediently embraced our heeled sex appeal.

I followed you around like a little lost puppy
Hungry for the affection of your companionship,
And thirsting for those refreshing feelings oozing you
Like a starved sheltered animal deprived of a relationship.

But you adopted my skiddish and deserted ways
With those donations from your giving eyes,
For you inticed me from my dark caged prison
And now I feel right at home under your blue sky.

I do owe you my life for rescuing my faint soul
From a lifetime of my unsocial leashed pain,
Those confined emotions that I wallered in
That left me with an empty desolated strain.

So tonight as we salivate over our celebrated day
With romantic fireworks that are homemade,
I would like to think those smoking hot airways
For blessing me with that stray of whom I have prayed.

Dedicated to my sunshine, my wife Michelle Cole!!!! 2013--Present


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Latest Comments

  • 2 years ago

    by Lost star

    Beautifully written fella! Wonderful.

  • 2 years ago

    by Milly Hayward

    Puppy love always had a special place in our hearts that never quite fades and there is nothing so romantic as a man putting down his feelings to his special lady. I feel sure Michelle will love it. Milly x