The Pirate and the Lover

by Ramon The SvnStone Haupt   Jul 15, 2021

A purchase from the blacksmith of pirates or given by an opera singer of an order,
One sailing the seas to reign a conquest, the other defending off spirits, size, small or taller.

The pirate here, assisted with hated fiends or friendly ghost and the lover here, wanting her hand before her kingdoms final feast and wine toast,
But here the question is, to who wields the strength and belongs to the most?

And as the lovers heart he hears her voice in the echoes, in her castle, enchanted forest,
The confusion starts when the pirates lies becomes honest.

The lovers secret armour, blue and ready trigger,
The pirates mates and ships eye standing bigger.

So will new weapons belong to Kyrie for defense?
Or will it land nowhere until the ships sail ends.


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