Tainted Rain

by MysteryMan   Jul 17, 2021

If the drunken nights could take form they would build the sea
Endless oceans of harbored hurt and pain
Its tainted waters offer a temporary release
When the clouds disperse the hurt remains
I don’t know how to fight this storm
Nor take its destruction and build anew
All I know is how to briefly escape this rain
To the pools of alcohol I run to
Its roaring winds momentarily sets me free
Im held captive in the capture of this tainted rain
Pools of liquor gradually form thunderstorms
This storm is one I can’t tame
Sometimes I shut the door behind when I walk in
I let all the pain consume me
I try not to make others feel what i feel
But misery do needs it company
I drown the thought of you in pools of tainted rain
They take me to a different place
The cool waters quickly engulfs my body
From the pain I temporarily escape
When this storm settles and the debris is left
The lingering thought of you forms this tainted rain
Raindrops suddenly fall from these heavy clouds
They temporarily release the hidden pain


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  • 4 months ago

    by Milly Hayward

    An emotional highly visual piece that works well with the metaphor of stormy weather to depict the ravages of pain and loss.
    Milly x

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