Why? Let.this happen

by Julia L   Jul 24, 2021

My heart is empty where you used to be
My life is filled with darkness because you
Took the light away from me.
I told you I wanted a life with you.
You chose to have a life with the bottle
There was nothing I could do. You mines well
Have Drowned in it. Instead I watched you die, also you were surrounded by family.
You were in and out of hospitals suffering.
thought Lessons learned. Not a chance. Just a broken
Promise from a drunk wanting to get the last drink.
You kept telling me, nothing is gonna happen to you. You barely reached 40. Honestly, barely remembering me. You had to have medicine to get through the pain.
No longer able to walk, no longer able to enjoy life, you just weren't the same.
Being your caregiver, I guess I couldn't
Understand, why someone can live at the
Bottom of a bottle giving up on everything
Never coming up for air. Until they are gone.
They get all kind of warnings
From doctors, it just doesn't matter
Their numb to it all, just like when they consume the alcohol. Why, did you let this happen, you should still be here. Telling me you love me.


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