My Dad

by Julia L   Jul 24, 2021

My day started with opening my eyes. The sun shining through the window.As I'm looking outside, A humming bird hits my window.
It can no longer fly.
A few moments later, I hear a knock
On my door. My brother stands Infront Of me and tells me, our dad has died.
My heart sank, it wasn't supposed
To be his time. We left my house, to
Watch my dad's wings to take flight
He looked so peaceful, joined the
Angels as he was dreaming of heaven
Our family, one by one, stared at him.As our hearts break. A marine, our Father, brother, grandpa, and a
Friend to so many. Who was buried
After the guns went off, the US flag
Was respectfully handed to my mom
On one knee in his honor as a marine.
Upon his wishes, he was buried next to His son, along side his daughter. Ever Since that day, My mom managed to Be strong. Her 12 kids are grown, she Has herself to take care of.


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