Escape The Past

by BeachBlunt   Jan 12, 2021

She cries in the shower
Just to hide her tears
She's always in the bed
To cover up her fears

Why is she so scared?
What is she afraid of?
Why is she so distant?
She just wants to give up..

The only time she talks to God
Isn't always to pray
Sometimes she begs to Him,
"Please take me away!"

She's so sick of hurting
The numbness is gone
She just wants to feel better
Why can't she move on?

There's so much stewing
In that little head
She doesn't know the difference
Between feeling alive or dead

She's someone people see right through
Always leaning on her
When they need a shoulder
But no one is there
When she's caving from the smolder

They build her up to tear her down
They want to see her lose
They wanna take her crown
There's so much pressure
Somebody help her now
She's about to unravel
If she was made of stone
She now is just gravel..

Constantly run over
As if time didn't matter
The more she fights back
The louder the laughter

No longer a diamond
In the rough
Just a girl with her thoughts
Who has had it quite rough

That's what happens when
You can't let go of the past
The demons catch up with you
Everyday, like it's your last

So don't hold onto anger
And don't live life too fast
Be good to yourself and others
And live everyday,
Like it's your last..
Take the good with the bad
Find the strength deep down
Don't give away your crown
Shine like the gem you are..
Because you're important
So love yourself and be proud.


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Latest Comments

  • 1 year ago

    by CJ Maleney

    I like this but it's kinda heart breaking too. There is also a strength in it which rings a bell in my head.

    • 1 year ago

      by BeachBlunt

      Thank you so very much! ????