Red Rose

by Sherry Caayupan   Sep 7, 2021

Oh, red, red rose,
Show me the beauty of your light;
The light of your smile that shines the night,
In the dark, a dewdrop rose,
Of its shimmering light that showed you bright;

Guide me with all your pleasance,
Your sweet red lips that entice;
As you showed me true love's spice,
A sweet circling beautiful ambiance,
Your smile that is apple to one's eyes;

Show me a place where I can dream,
A reverie fulfilling to one's heart;
Of dreams that were dreamnt apart,
The beauty of it portrudes as it gleams,
Dreaming sweetly seemed to be a glorious start;

Speak to me, oh, red rose,
Tell me words I long to hear;
I want to feel you close and near,
Love never ceased as time softly goes,
You make me smile of each joyful tear;

Let raindrops shower your beauty,
A time passing yet uttered love;
Of waters that sprinkle from above,
Love that showed your beauty's eternity,
Flying long as high as a beautiful white dove.


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