No words

by Michael   Oct 12, 2021

My mind takes a stroll
and I arrive at memory lane
where you came to join me

we’d lay side by side
beneath a twilight shade
switching off the world around us

the air would come and
sit still beside us
and share the silence which
was so peaceful

trees mingled in the woods
motionless, whispering
nocturnal secrets

the clouds were generous that evening
allowing us to read a clear page of the sky

without a word said
without any explanation
just the experience of the moment
where seeing is believing

in bold italics
we’d use our fingers like quills
scrolling messages in the stars
weaving untold stories
only beknown to us

you would then turn to me
where your lips would pucker
up a question

knowing my kiss
would always be
the answer


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Latest Comments

  • 9 months ago

    by Lune de ma vie

    So emotional!
    Powerful and a rollercoaster of emotions that left me rereading this poem.
    The heart is a beautiful thing and even more beautiful when in love.
    How the words from the heart can be etched within and outward is one of the most amazing things.
    You penned and shaped the emotions and memories of your heart in a magical way.
    Absolutely adored this poem and being able to read it.

    • 9 months ago

      by Michael

      Thank you, I am pleased you enjoyed reading :)

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