The Skies of Love

by Sherry Caayupan   Oct 13, 2021

Over the skies full of painted stars,
Falls silver dusts of august rainbows;
A neverending love born and colorful yet by far,
An undying chain of rivers of love softly flow;

Stars painted with the sweetest love,
Twinkle with all their glorious light;
A heavenly gift falls from the heavens above,
Into the bright shining frolicking night;

Silver dusts sprinkled with a sparkling shimmer,
Show love's timelessly glorifying abundance;
Into the realm of eternity that glimmer,
A love with kisses belonging on stance;

A love like an endless river,
Brought forth from the dominions of heaven;
Laid by the angels that bring affection ever,
Love that flows over oceans that sweetly deepen;

Diverse oceans of love flow in one's veins,
Granted by wishes from blue heavenly skies;
A heart of love faithfully reigns,
Over an endless throne, a love undyingly forever flies;

The deepest affection from a deep crimson,
To the reddest love, its deepest realm;
Lays eternity of a love-born intuition,
From the thoughts of a love proved to be eternal.


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