Green Eyes

by Kate   Oct 14, 2021

Green eyes
Darkly rimmed, mixed with molten amber gold
Freckled with deep brown flecks
Vivid in the sunlight, less so in the dark
They hold many secrets beyond their surface
Past the pupils into the recesses of the mind
Heartbreak, heartache, loneliness, pain
These eyes have cried so many tears
From disappointment, loss, agony, rage
Sometimes with others but mostly alone
These eyes are tired
From watching the same repeated mistakes
Hoping that, this time, it would be different
Leaking tear after tear after tear
But these eyes are also a facade
Crinkling in the corners from an insincere smile
Masked with makeup to make them more alive
A shield for the outside world against my mind
Do my eyes deceive me?
For I see all that lies behind their exterior
Past the waves of moldavite and honey
Do they see what I see in the mirror?
The shell of someone yet to find themself


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  • 5 days ago

    by RavenBunny

    This is such a sad one, but you can almost touch the hopefulness at the end. Though I felt a pang of sympathy, I truly enjoyed this read.