by Poet on the Piano   Dec 2, 2021

I think how my life will change
if I let you in on this journey.

I am still me,
and if I share this with you,

I don’t want my light

It’s as if I was lost in the forest,
naming the trees my enemy,
never noticing the way they’d
reach out to me, offer me a chance
to rest and lean against them.

Their light filters through me, now.

The wolves circle back to check
on me, to make sure I never
succumbed to the night.
The creek extends its energy
and rushes to greet me at dawn.

Coming home to myself
is making peace with the wilderness.
I never owed anyone a destination.
My path was never theirs to dictate.

I am the speaker
for all the past selves I buried.

And though, you may never understand,
and feel you have to drift away,

I refuse to let the fear
pull me underground.


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