The Supremacy Of The People

by Domenico Sottile   Dec 15, 2021

The Supremacy Of The People
-Res Pùblica-

In a republic or democracy
supremacy in government
is held by the people
of facts is a comment

In a senate where each state
(regardless of the number
of the total population)
is represented only
by two senators
supremacy by the people
-it does not need much imagination-
falls incongruously apart
when Supreme Justices
are not elected by the people
that is dangerous
right from the start

In order to reach of the people
it would have to be
compulsory to vote
for each adult
with convenience
and without
any lenience

The vote of the wealthy
must have equal weight
of that of those
with lesser means
Only thus
supremacy by the people
can remain it seems
in spite of what
enemies of democracy
may say

Anything blocking
the supremacy above inferred
-it is clear-
outlaws democracy
-Oh dear-

Outlawed instead
must be gerrymandering
and the electoral college
-haven’t we been misled-

becomes racism
religious intolerance
along with disregarding
acts of expertise
and science

In order to keep
of democracy the essence
it is time
for all factions
to coalesce


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