Holding The Crown

by Domenico Sottile   Jan 12, 2022

Holding The Crown

Ten dreams
to every error
are reflected
on life’s mirror
After a success
we find ten hurdles
to overcome
and there may be
further some

Our heads
we must not bend down
so we may
hold our crown

In the long run
life is a showdown
when the world is unjust
being fair to ourselves
we must

Even the lumps in our throat
for the chunks
that from our life were
gradually erased
become protected armors
around our hearts
so invincible
-don’t be amazed-
for our crown
is so indestructibly

They are the same hearts
that got heavy
when they realized:
those who taught us
how to survive
were the same ones
we never got the chance
to thank
while they were alive
we mourn
because it is now so late
to do the observing
and extrapolate

we want
to still hold our crown
for life now we know
is quite a showdown
especially when we continue
badgering one another
instead of kindly
offering support
to any other
and refraining from accusing
and finding fault


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