The npc

by mistake   May 10, 2022

Hello, my name is Jim.
Nice to meet you,
You can refer to me
As him.

Don’t expect much,
Because you control what I give.
Whatever I do,
You choose,
How it impacts the way you live.

Hello, how’s your day?
I ask only ask because
There’s no way I’ll ever know what
You’re Thinking of.

You say it’s been good,
Now I’ll reply in kind.
But my version of good
Isn’t what’s playing in your mind.

Now you tell me it’s bad,
And of terrible things done.
I’ll try my best to help,
But I’m not the controlling one.

Hi again,
it’s been so long!
I’ll hear your thoughts,
In a head they don’t belong.

For you see my person
As a person in your life.
When you’re the only one
Who knows how you really survive.

For you, in your mind
Is totally, utterly free,
I know in your life,
I’m just another npc.

Posting instead of putting in drafts but plan to edit over time.


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