A Touch of Moonlight

by Paul H   May 17, 2022

Wherever the moonlight touches

A meadow or oft tread dale,

Little, grey rabbits and birds

Each morning tell the tale

Of how, during the long night,

The land took on a softer shade,

Even the humble mushrooms

Seemed to shine within the glade;

Silken-spun lacework of spider's webs

Glistened with strands, dewy-pearled,

And a faint, cool, bluish mist

Around trees slowly swirled

Just before the warm sunshine

Chased the moonlight away.

So, if you listen carefully

You might hear those birds say

Praiseworthy things to rabbits

About what happened overnight,


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  • 7 months ago

    by Xaque

    The writer pieced together a beautiful scene in a wonderful style that rolled off the tongue. I thought the lines "Silken-spun lacework of spider's webs/ Glistened with strands, dewy-pearled," where especially brilliant. The birds saying things to the rabbits brought the world to life in the end. I reread this a few times over and thought the writer painted a dense and vivid picture. Very enjoyable read.

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