Best friend pupps?

by Ricky Story   Jul 8, 2022

So what do you want to say
What do I want to say
If I could say anything
If I could say it all
Not leaving anything out
I’m sure I would say something nice
I’m sure what I would say would make you happy
I’m sure what I would say would make you think differently
I’m sure it would make you think differently about yourself
I’m sure it would make you think differently about me
It would make you feel different about things
It would make you feel differently about me
And would also make you feel different about life
I’m sure it would open your eyes
You may realize you have started noticing some things you’ve noticed you’ve never observed before
At least in some aspect
Opinions beliefs
Skepticism's and disbeliefs
But what I would tell you would be true
No matter how you feel about
At least that’s what I believe
I want to tell you
But you don’t want to hear what I have to say
Maybe your not willing to take a chance to be selfless
Maybe you just can’t take that chance because you in an area of your life where those avenues of reality carry a certain current level of unimportance
I just don’t want you to wake up one day and have yet another surfacing problem arise similarly to the experience dealing with the problems of the previous day
What I really want to say
Is I want something from you
But I don’t think that that desire is mutual between us
Maybe if you hear me out
You would change your mind
Maybe it would change your life
You’ll notice when you get older that life drags on
And it is important to realize which I’m sure you will without question that quality is very important
The quality of life you want is achievable if you allow yourself to let your life be guided by desires that have healthy outcomes
I just really want that for myself
And I wish I could go on an adventure with someone like yourself
Maybe if we could be best friend pupps your struggles wouldn’t be so hard on you
Because you would have me to lean on
I can learn to love anyone
But I choose to love who I want
I learn to love the ones I choose to love by learning how to love them
Because I want to love them
And I do love them
And I love you
So love me
The end.



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