A Church I Will Never Forget

by Shaun Cronick   Aug 5, 2022

I came to this city filled with self pity,
For my friends were all far away.
I sought Sunday school run by the Golden Rule,
For some filled my heart with dismay.

The result of my search was a white stone church,
On the side of a busy street.
Where the steps going in were worn smooth and thin,
With the treading of many feet.

When the bell starts ringing and people start singing,
And the organ begins to play.
A wonderful thrill all my being does fill,
And I'm glad to be there on His day.

When our Priest's voice tells all to rejoice,
As he reads from the Holy Word.
All my troubles vanish and grievances banish,
As the wonderful message is heard.

The friendship intended in each hand extended,
Means much to a stranger I'm sure.
For down through the years through lives filled with tears,
Our friendships formed will endure.

So I settled here in that long ago year,
And I've never had cause to regret.
People are friendly and kind and they weld ties that bind,
At this church I will never forget.


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