A Comic Recipe...

by Shaun Cronick   Aug 15, 2022

I add a little bit of nonsense,
That has been finely ground.
And a small slice of silliness,
Two ingredients to fool around.

Sizeable spoonful's of suggestion,
Are then stirred into the mix.
With a heaped hint of innuendo,
Naughtily added just for kicks.

An immense pinch of cheekiness,
Finds a home in my poetry pot.
And a dense sprinkle of stupidity,
From a poet who's lost the plot.

I place all in my poetry oven,
With boiled burlesque as baste.
Eventually it slowly rises up,
A poem of baked indifferent taste.

Finally my absurdity is finished,
I shall now share straight away.
A poem that is never repetitive,
One of comedy and not cliché.


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