Affirmation of Regret

by Cantchangeme   Aug 18, 2022

I’ve been waiting a long time
For a sign
Whether a bullet shot from a gun
Or benign
Something from someone, anything
A communique
A whisper from the beyond telling me
It’s now, it’s ok

Waiting for the Big Bang
Like the starter at the line
Holding on for a message
To tell me that it’s fine
“But you better start running”

Open my eyes, my ears, my heart
Still there’s no-one around
I’m losing hope, faith and want
To get up from the ground
“That’s alright because nobody’s coming”

I’ve been waiting too long
For a sign
The gun that I’m stalling for
It’s mine
No hand on my shoulder, no grace
No sublime
I’m now the higher voice telling me
It’s time


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