Final Thoughts

by Ramon The SvnStone Haupt   Aug 22, 2022

I miss you Danielle,
I will never forget you...
You showed me something I have never seen before,
A different type of Heaven,
A new paradise,
The way you used to hold me in your eyes.

Now I don't know anymore,
I fear for the worst.
Living on the streets
Somebody chose me.

I'm too young to go,
Everybody is.
I'm sorry for any pain I caused you.

I really think of you everyday,
Your smile, your laughter.

But now I know you are in the care of somebody else.

Dunno what to do these days.
Things are getting worse too.
I wish I could tell you everything. I know.

But everything's gone now. I'm wasted.

So long...


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