A Penny in the Well

by Good Enough   Sep 4, 2022

The ground is falling and taking me with it
Like sharp edges releasing a silent cry
My hands grasp at tall weeds like dandelions
Maybe giving me some time to buy

Deeper and deeper my body plunges
Mud and rocks crashing down with my thoughts
Darkness creeps in like a slithering snake
My body is empty and my stomach in knots

The ground is falling farther down into abyss
My feet kick and stretch and slide down with it
Like a penny being wished upon over a well
Dropping and falling deep within the pit

No wish has been relinquished upon me
Except the inevitable ending of of my breath
The bottom is getting closer I suppose
This fracture of earth will bring me to death


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  • 4 months ago

    by Walter

    A visualizing write that made me feel all the pain of your words. A sad but striking write.