Speck of Life on a Speck of Rock

by Xaque   Oct 24, 2022

Hope is misplaced faith that
your heart will continue
beating tomorrow /

So much coke
in my nose
it's prone to keep bleeding /

Weeping all alone /
I'm just a joke with
dope on my clothes /
Narcan in my home
to save me when
I sniff an overdose amount
of fentanyl and give in
to the relief of not breathing /

No soul lately,
I can't atone
so I wait for the unknown to take me /

Can't cope
with no control
over the cruelty that I'm seeing /

Can't cope
with no control
over the forward movement of our species /

We percieve reality
unraveling in
linear illusions perpetually /
Progressing steadily /

Stubbornly tending doomed life
so that all may eat /
Everything green
wholeheartedly growing in
blurry cyclones
of a churning coal toxicity /
A horrible smog of dyssemmetry /
Choking uncontrollably /

Breathing hot fog embers from
burning worthless old poetry /

Get high nightly to
mend what's broke inside me /

Terrified of life's likely
highs and lows,
I need a rifle for survival /
Guard the side door
from psychos /

We might go
careening through the scenery /
Misleading the meek
on spiritually unfulfilling journeys
through meandering mezzanines of
dopamine driven mysteries /

Inertly flourishing in concussed
monotony, we remain
unseen by anything with enough meaning
to be a merciful diety /

Questioning severing my last rope
or just leaping from the edge
of a wildfire wounded sky with
no note to my folks /
Regretting how
they must
think about our cold, crazy world /

envelops me tectonically /
I can finally
vanish as time
unfolds electrically /

Jolts of inhumanity
in our screens
infect us subconsciously /
Numbly interacting, hiding why
we're alienated and lonely/

Lowly woolly indifference subtly
coats our surroundings,
drowning our empathy
as we watch
families go hungry /

We accept defeat naturally
and slowly disperse
what we thought we were worth
back to the dirt /


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