Logging pt3

by Ricky Story   Nov 17, 2022

Look, it’s gunna be alright
I hate it!!
Well don’t. It’s not that big of a deal.
Oh yeah?!
Yeah.. knowing you.. to say the most.. it could have been worse.. you know.. everything?
Easy for you to say
I don’t feel chill! Why won’t these things just go away!!
It takes longer for some people to get threw certain things… some much longer.. like yourself..
Like that’s suppose to make me feel better.. we’ll…. I guess it does. I mean.. I know I’m not a monster.. just a lil off my rocker..
Exactly. It’s really not that serious.. you are like,, waaaay more sane than most people I know..
I know man! That’s why I feel really really stupid..
Well you should.. but don’t over react with all these contradicting ideas that only cause you to feel troubled in these times.
Contradicting huh…. Story of my life.. story of everyone’s life.. story of everything’s life.. story of gods life!
Yeah yeah your really really smart.. you actually are. And you have a pretty decent way of conceptualizing and looking at things.
Thanks.. it really does help me… you know… liking myself.. but I don’t like all of me! Why me?!
It’s not your solution.
I know!
It’s not your problem!
I know!!
It won’t collapse on you…. Don’t worrie..
Mmm…. =S
It doesn’t help to wallow in misery…
Help then…
I’m trying.. but I can’t just snap my fingers and have all these problems of yours go away…. And I know what your going to say.. but I don’t know why I can’t do it ether..
Yeah. Why can’t you snap your fingers and make it all go away!?.
Lol yeah.. I know.. I just said I don’t know.. lol
Mmm =S
Don’t worry.. the world won’t turn on you.. you won’t get stuck.. you know? It won’t collapse..
Mmm =S
Hang in there…. Do better.. put a smile on.. and stop caring about your imperfections.. you shouldn’t dwell on them…
Okay…. But…. I don’t want to just… get over it..
You should want to!! That’s how it’s all gunna go away!!
Geeeezzzzeee. I know. It’s the worst too..
Lol I know.. lol. No worries tho…. Your making improvements..
I’ve had better days!
My point exactly.. don’t forget about those better days…. You have plenty of them ahead as well.. ~~ *sending positive thoughts*~~ lol
Ohh Gee thanks…
Well. ^^, your welcome
Heh…. Yeah…. Just what my life needs… positivity.
Your not kidding.. nice music by the way…. Lol
Heh.. yeah X( it helps me feel normal..
Wicked shit right?
Uhh.. yea.. for life.. remember?
Yep. ;)
Hhhhhhh…. Sometimes it’s all I have.. and I know if the world did cave in on me…. I would have the music..
Yeah…. I know…. And I’m sure your right about that..
Hahh.. well.. what can I say…. It’s timeless…
Yep… the day the music died.. rip Jesus lol
XD yeah…. I need Jesus in my life..
Lol. Right? Don’t get me started..
I know I know.. simmer down…
Ergh the nerv of that guy..
Right…. “Oh it’s okay”. Lol. XD
Hhhaaaahhh! Looser. Lol…. But anyways. What about me! Lol
Lol. What about you. Lol
Right? Maybe I should figure that one out… it might help..
Yeah it really might…
Yeah really…. Geesh..
Hah.. well.. time to go.. you’ll be fine..
You think so? =/
I know so.. :)!!!! <3
:). Bye….



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