The phantom of dirt

by Ricky Story   Jan 5, 2023

The blood…
Strong as metal…
The pain…
As sure as it will be seen
As vast as the sea
Limitless as it seems
To be redeemed
Love tainted…
But sure as it heals
The memories of perfection
Lost as it was proseen
By my filth
Given by who we tend to be
Love you very much
I’ll be back as soon as possible
Nothing more
A promise
That is conjured
Disease you give me
You believe I am love
I am not
You believe I hate
My hate is lost in the perish
You believe I want
Yet I pass each day
Leaving my shell for the next
Most likely, everything you think of me is wrong.
I face the very same dilemma towards the idea of myself
But overlapping each and every unsuraty
Every lie you believe about me
Every truth you overlook
As your manipulated by your own faith casted and dissipating as lies usually are
I prevail
And pass you and leave you behind
For my beast friend be relieved from cursed casted upon the self in a mirror fashion
Because of what he believes



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