love bares its teeth at midnight.

by prasanna   Jan 8, 2023

consider the litany of beauty—
tonight, there is you, nestled in the fists of silence,
borrowing tenderness from dreams we never dreamt.
you—marauder of sleep, thief of holy & unholy,
still carrying with you a primal scream
you want to let loose in billows of softness.
(you’ve been weary).
kanna, i know.

tonight, there is longing—i still belong to you.
this too, will become an elegy in little time much like
the night sky. in a soundless language, i'll tell you that
i love you. silence isn’t always a precursor to violence.
what truly was said in this poem?

i'm still inaccessible to myself—only you make sense,
in this little life.

consider the litany of beauty tonight, kanna.



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