by Cantchangeme   Mar 10, 2023

Weightless upheld in the ether
I’m sick of waiting
But I don’t want this to end either
And I hate this
The look you give me before disaster
You’re a sadist
You’re a real Romeo right after
And I’m aimless

Aimless, walking without end
I’m forgetting
The faces of family and friends
And I’m nameless
The laughter before the smack
I learn to say less
And there’s no turning back
You’re the greatest

Greatness, gold glitters in the sun
Shining shameless
Over the black hole I’ve become
I’m not blameless
Your body and soul will mould mine
Until I’m shapeless
And I’ll be longing for a time
When I was weightless


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Latest Comments

  • 11 months ago

    by Guilty By Design

    “You’re a real Romeo right after” - love that line.

  • 11 months ago

    by Rayven

    Nominated! I really like the poem as a whole and the message you put across here! It is difficult to bare the hardships of life but once we become free from those hardships life becomes better! I also loved the subtle rhyming throughout, I thought it really enhanced the poem itself.