Ancient Myths and Morern Monsters

by Evi   Sep 17, 2023

I used to know all about mythology.
Greek gods amazed me.
Greek heroes would thrill me.
Greek myths fascinated me.
And greek monsters would always scare me.

Everyone always told me.
Everyone was sure.
"Greek monsters don't exist."
But they lied.

Greek monsters do exist.
And they keep a good disguise.
They work for the government.
They work for the police.
They work for train stations.
They work as pilots.
They work on ships.

You know how I found out?
Because they are killing me.

They killed me back in 2018, 23rd of July, when fire consumed my neighbourhood and little to no help arrived. I was burned alive, along with 102 other souls.
They killed me back in 2021, along with my baby. My murder was meticulously planned. I was just 21 years old when my husband choked me to death. My parents had to watch the media defend him for weeks until he pleaded guilty. No one could believe a handsome young man, a pilot, would have done such a thing.
The same year 23 women died with me. Killed by husbands or other men of authority.
Just this year,
They killed me on the 28th of February when I was taking the train home from university. My train crashed into another. Together with me died 57 people, mainly students. They called it an "accident". It was murder.
They killed me on the 10th of July while I was mindlessly walking by the sidewalk. I was a person of colour in a white country. And I was transexual in a cis gendered world. Being different gets you killed in third world countries, and unfortunately I lived in one.
They killed me on the 6th of August when a sum of suspicious wildfires caught up to my house. I was once again burned alive. The number of deaths is speculated to be 14. Some are still considered missing.
They killed me on the 14th of August, when a simple rainstorm flooded my town and no one was sent to save us. I was left to drown, counting 14 more murders.
They killed me on the 7th of September, when I was running to catch my ship just in time and the two crew members on the deck pushed me off, into the sea. They were annoyed by the fact that I had a mental disability. They looked relieved when I was gone. "The issue has been dealt with. The ship is ready to sail." said the captain through the speakers. I was once again left to drown.

And even if I haven't died yet, I am going to, soon.
Public transport buses are randomly catching fire.
Police officers party outside universities, parading their tear gas at any chance they get.
People in minority groups keep getting silenced, abused and harassed, if they are lucky enough not to get killed.
Young women come forward on the daily with more and more accusations of sexual harassment or abuse.
The state can not handle emergencies, evident from the pandemic, the snow storm of January 2022, and every other wildfire and flood, which are, by this point, too many to count.

Greece is dying.

I know no Medusa will turn me into stone.
Those are myths of the past.
We should be living in the present, focus on the future.
The future of a country that's killing its children.


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