by Obscure   Oct 25, 2023

Armed with all our pain and our misgivings
Love's found in the impermanence of living
Some clutch at it until they're love-burned, raw
While others flit from love to lover's claws

Though love can show up in the oddest places
It seems that some cannot ignore its traces
Like fishermen whose nets float in the sea
They can't ignore the hopes of what might be

Should love be caught? Held captive for a price?
Is freedom a required sacrifice?
Should we be glad to hold love for a day?
Or plead with it to never go away

And when it goes, since everything must die
Some doubt its worth, say love is just a lie
And soon this thought pollutes their core beliefs:
When love is gone, what's left for us but grief?

Or is our grief a love that can't return?
A requiem to honor those we mourn
A final question here I'll pose to you:
Does love last longer than the living do?


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  • 2 months ago

    by Kate

    This is incredibly beautiful. An instant favorite.