Jane is home

by El_Mabini   Jan 31, 2024

For years, Jane wandered,
Beside the evangelical parade,
From town to town,
And called a new soil her home.

She played in the band
Of gospels and psalms,
Humming and strumming
Diverse ballads of distant lands.

And when those people
Thought of home, they thought of her.
They found quantum solace
In the heartbeat of her song.

Yet, when she thought of her own home,
There was a hinting vision,
A city in the south,
A vision of a familiar house.

Now, Jane has found her home.
A realization dawns upon her.
She's whole, transformed from before.
It's her own ballad she'll now explore.

What she left behind,
A home yearning for its member,
Remains patiently waiting.
Ready to welcome her with ardor.


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