to have someone to come home to.

by Poet on the Piano   Mar 7, 2024

despair has me in a chokehold;
my lungs fight for a chance at survival.

i fall to my knees
and you hold me.

you breathe [for me]

the rain patters on the roof outside,
crescendoing as the winds inch closer,
but you keep the storm from entering.

i collapse [into you]

all my panic, you ease.

all the love i starved myself of, you bring.

there are days where my ribs
ache from loneliness.
i try to create shapes in the covers
of a cold bed,
a silly attempt to fool myself.

i imagine every way i could have been

could have promised more stability,
could have offered more sanity.

and still, like a fool, i dream

hoping for a version of you
i know i’ll never meet

hoping for a version of me
that won’t be left to die alone.


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