Stained Glass

by Synful   Mar 15, 2024

Her footsteps are already worn
Into the ground that leads away
From me - one she's trekked
Numerous times before
While I sit in this puddle of tears and regret.

I've grown tired of watching the imprints deepen
With each silent departure,
And I tire of feeling my fight weaken
While the nights become darker.

I mustn't continue to reach for her,
Yet my soul aches in response,
But one shouldn't continue to endure
A sorrow, a pain, stationed by chains and locks.

I smile at the ghostly laughs,
And kiss away the hopes,
I will memorialize her in stained glass,
And cherish the thoughts it provokes.

A heart can only bear
So much of the same repair,
And I find that I have run out of thread
To sew the wounds that she has left.


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