Your Soul My Love

by Tim   Mar 20, 2024

Your soul, my love, is like a deep, dark sea,
Where secrets lie and mysteries swim free.
I long to dive into your depths and see,
The hidden treasures that belong to thee.
Your soul is like a vast and endless sky,
Where stars and planets twinkle in your eye.
I long to soar among them, hand in hand,
And explore the wonders of this wonderland.
Your soul is like a forest old and green,
Where ancient trees stand tall and serene.
I long to wander through its verdant maze,
And lose myself in its enchanting haze.
Your soul is like a song, both sweet and clear,
That echoes in my heart and brings me cheer.
I long to listen to its gentle sound,
And be forever in its magic bound.
Your soul, my love, is all of these and more,
A treasure that I'll cherish evermore.
I love you deeply, from my heart to yours,
And I'll love you forever, through all life's doors.


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